Spring Clean - Recycle & Buy: donate $20 to Starship.

Precision has a comprehensive Product Stewardship Programme that offers you the ability to safely and responsibly dispose of products at the end of their life cycle.

Precision products are designed to be durable and function well beyond their warranty period. However, when a product has reached the end of its life, Precision takes every step to help you ensure our products are recycled or re-used. We take the full life cycle of our products seriously and want to ensure their life is managed responsibly. Read our Product Stewardship Programme in full detail to find out how we can help you safely recycle products.

For every product that is recycled in September using the Precision Stewardship scheme, Precision will match all donations of the $10 refund with a further $10 donation. 

Click here to redeem your credit and choose to donate this to Starship. Just write Starship on the form when you send it back to us. We will arrange for the donation and send you confirmation of the donation made in your name.

Precision is proud of the quality and durability of our products and know from experience that our products will continue to function outside of their warranty periods. We understand at times the products are no longer required for the purpose or user for which they were first purchased. When this occurs Precision will help our customers connect these products with new users.
For commercial products there is great potential for resale to other users or organisations.

Precision recommends selling single and smaller group lots of items through the online Trade Me service. 
For the month of September you can choose to donate proceeds from sales to the Starship Foundation. See www.trademe.co.nz/starship for details.

We have sourced key recycling centres nationwide that are capable and qualified to recycle the different materials in our products. Listed below are the key materials used to manufacture our products:
METALS: Mild Steel, Aluminum
PLASTICS: PVC (Development programs are in place to minimize the use)
ABS, Polycarbonate, HIPS
WOOD: * MDF - E1 and E0, LPL - E1 and E0
FABRIC: * Various (Wool, Polyester etc)

* These materials are recyclable; however there is currently no nationwide capability of recycling them. New Zealand ingenuity is famous around the world and we pride ourselves on our problem solving capabilities. Every problem has a solution and we see a problem as an opportunity for improvement, hence we are currently working with our suppliers to identify ways of recycling their materials.

We help connect our customers with suitable recycling centres throughout New Zealand. These centres are well equipped to break our products down into separate materials and then recycle them. Contact Sims Metal Management for your recycling requirements.

Through our Enviro-Mark program, product accreditation and our Product Stewardship scheme, we are actively participating in ensuring New Zealand stays green.

Precision is a trading name of Dexion (New Zealand) Limited
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