A Bicycle for Christmas

A Bicycle for Christmas – Donations to Starship


Precision are proud to donate $5 from the sale of every KURVE filing cabinet to the Starship Foundation.

We have just received word in time for Christmas, that the funds raised through our customers and Precision’s annual sponsorship, have purchased a Bicycle Ergometer for the Starship Heart Ward.


The Bicycle Ergometer is the first of its kind at Starship and the Heart Ward is so pleased and grateful for Precisions support. Previously the only option for doing exercise tests on children was getting them to run on a treadmill. This requires a degree of coordination and means that quite a lot of children, especially the younger ones, have great difficulty, meaning that the tests could not often be done effectively.  The advantage of the ergometer equipment is that it makes it much easier for younger children and therefore increases the amount of children that Starship’s medical staff are able to test.


We’ll keep you posted on how Starship kids find the new bicycle and let you know any other Starship news along the way.


So remember to buy KURVE to support the Starship Foundation, and we look forward to what we can do in the future together for Starship children.


Precision is a trading name of Dexion (New Zealand) Limited
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